Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sunny Fashion, The dresses are beautiful and both felt like little princesses in my opinion

The few days before. I'm looking for information on the Sunny Fashion Girls Dress Champagne Multi-layers Wedding Pageant, so i would like to describe here.

Sunny Fashion Girls Dress Champagne Multi-layers

Hand wash. Made in China. Following sizes mean age ranges for girls they are for general guidance only. For most accurate fit we recommend checking detailed measurement before purchase.Size Chart SizeBustWaistLength2-322.8''/58cm 21.3''/54cm 24.4''/62cm 4-525.2''/64cm 23.6''/60cm 26.4''/67cm 626.0''/66cm 24.4''/62cm 27.6''/70cm 7-827.6''/70cm 26.8''/68cm 29.5''/75cm 9-1028.3''/72cm .... Read more or Check Price

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I bought two dress for my flower girls to wear at my wedding. The clothes are beautiful and both felt like little princesses by Maria C McNair

"Excellent style and color but it was a bit ' small and not have it done in my expedition to phil""Eccellente stile e colore ma era un po ' piccola e non ce l'ha fatta a mia spedizione al phil""""""it""Excellent"1truefalse965010"style and color"2truefalse614150"but it was"3truefalse860580"a bit"4truefalse8778100"'"5truetrue96510110"small and not"6falsefalse66211140"have it done"7truefalse96514170"in"8truefalse95117180"my expedition"9truefalse91618200"to"10truefalse82020210"phil"11truefalse83021220"Eccellente"1"Excellent"965truefalse"Super"0truefalse"Superb"0truefalse"Condition Excellent"0truefalse"Great"0truefalse010"Eccellente stile e colore ma era un po ' piccola e non ce l'ha fatta a mia spedizione al phil""stile e colore "2"style and color"614truefalse"styling and coloring"0truefalse1126"""ma era"3"but it was"860truefalse"but he was"0truefalse"but she was"0truefalse"but it"0truefalse2733"""un po"4"a bit"877truefalse"a little"0truefalse"somewhat"0truefalse"some"0truefalse"a while"0truefalse3439"""'"5"'"965truetrue4041"""piccola e non"6"small and not"662falsefalse"small and does not"0falsefalse"small and did not"0falsefalse"small and there"0falsefalse"smaller and not"0falsefalse4255"""ce l' ha fatta"7"have it done"965truefalse"have it made"0truefalse"has done"0truefalse"has done it"0truefalse"did it"0truefalse5669"""a"8"in"951truefalse"to"14truefalse"at"0truefalse"a"0truefalse"on"0truefalse7071"""mia spedizione"9"my expedition"916truefalse"my shipment"6truefalse"my mailing"0truefalse"my shipping"0truefalse"my mailing list"0truefalse7286"""al"10"to"820truefalse"to the"98truefalse"at"0truefalse"the"0truefalse"in"0truefalse8789"""phil"11"phil"830truefalse9094"""Eccellente stile e colore ma era un po ' piccola e non c' l'ha fatta a mia spedizione al phil"6"it"84 by TERESA LEDESMA


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